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Multifaceted Background

While a senior pastor, God used Bill Barber to birth an exemplary child development center and homework helper outreach; he helps other churches do the same.

Bill believes that God is a businessman and He has commanded him to "get down in the trenches" alongside those in need. The Holy Spirit reveals to Bill the areas of ministries that need strengthening and how to accomplish it. Vision Development International has been called of God to help strengthen ministries for the end time harvest.

Bill and Cathy Barber have over forty plus years of ministry to families, including directing Residential Treatment Centers. Many organizations and individuals have drawn upon this vast experience; see the testimonial section. For Bill, it is "God using him to serve those in need".

  • Mother/Grandmother
  • Thirty years ministry
  • Successful Business Woman
  • Assistant Superintendent of Schools
  • Federal Program Director
  • Gifted Teacher
  • Staff Development
  • Insurance Professional
  • Consultant
    • Secular
    • Christian

Bill & Cathy function as a team, utilizing the different gifts God has blessed them with.
  • Father/Grandfather
  • 4 million dollar budget
  • 100 plus staff
  • 40 Properties
  • Officer on 14 million dollar board
  • Senior Pastor
  • Child Development Center
  • Home Work Helper
  • Co-founder K4-12
  • Consultant
    • Secular
    • Christian
  • Staff Development

Rev. Bill Barber, D.D., D.C.C.

Bill is endowed with wisdom and God's gifting to see where order is lacking and how to provide it. He is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center and serves God and His people pastorally and apostolically. Prior to the ministry, Bill was area director for a model treatment center for the 1-2% diagnosed most seriously disturbed children and adolescents in North America, working with these children and their families. He oversaw 14 therapeutic homes, alternative schools, and wilderness camps. This background has prepared him to counsel others in the healing of relationships. He has developed a Christian child development center, an after school program called Homework Helper, and co-founded a Christian school K4-12. He has an extensive background in non-profit organizations. Download Resume

Rev. Cathy Barber, D.D.

Bill's wife and partner in ministry, Cathy is a former high school teacher and assistant superintendent of schools. She left the public schools to become a successful insurance agent and businesswoman. Cathy is a master teacher, and has been in full time ministry for many years. She has assisted Bill in the development of the various Christian education programs as well as in counseling. Together, they are a dynamic duo! Download Resume